Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Tortillas than Bagels and More salsa than ketchup!

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Jorge Ramos
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Jorge Ramos is a very influential in Spanish-language news. He is a trusted man, author of 10 books, and highly awarded journalist. In this interview he is talking about the positive energy that Latinos bring to the U.S. Jorge Ramos starts talking about the flow of Latino culture and he provides some examples such as Shakira, Plácido Domingo,and tortillas!!! Because, according to Ramos, in the U.S. more tortillas are sold than bagels and more salsa than ketchup! (wow! who knew?!)

What Ramos calls the “Latino wave” refers to the growing number of Latinos in the United States. Furthermore, he points out that many of these Latinos are not illegal immigrants, as the interviewer suggests, but are actually Latinos who are born in U.S. territory which makes them U.S. Citizens. This resonated with today’s discussion about the ways in which Latinos are changing this country, as Kun puts it: “Latino immigration is transforming U.S. cities in terms of economics, culture, and politics” (750). For Jorge Ramos as for many others, this is a positive transformation, but NOT for everyone. The threat of “Latinos taking over” is clear in this interview, but cleverly hidden in humor.

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  1. I like this post. I guess I missed this episode of the Colbert Report.

    It's great to see people like Jorge Ramos, who presents a positive picture of Latinos in the US, in English talk shows. It would be nice to see more of this.

    I love how he has people like Lou Dobbs and Mike Huckabee on his show... Not very common in Spanish-language talk shows.