Monday, September 13, 2010

Selena and Jennifer

I was going through youtube and I found these videos. One of the videos compares pictures of Selena and Jennifer as Selena. The other one shows Jennifer singing one of Selena's songs, I Could Fall in Love, as a tribute to her. I also put up the video of Selena singing I Could Fall in Love, just in case anyone wanted to listen to it as well. Enjoy.

I think this one is particularly interesting because we talked about how much Jennifer looked like Selena and how when you think of Selena the image of Jennifer portraying Selena also comes to mind.

I thought this one would be interesting to listen to because Professor Rodriguez brought up the fact that Jennifer wanted to sing in the Selena movie but was not allowed to. I must agree with her, that it was a good thing that they did not let her sing in the movie. (No offense to J-Lo fans but as the saying goes, "No le llega ni a los tobillos, which, if translated directly means, she does not reach her ankles or in other words she isn't nearly as good as Selena)

I don't mean to put up too many videos but I found this next video when I was trying to find the video of Selena singing I Could Fall in Love. This video has Selena and Jennifer singing "together", basically someone edited the video, but I think that it is interesting that you can hear Selena singing more than Jennifer.

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