Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just thought I'd share this video with you guys. This video plays on all sorts of stereotypes about Latin women, especially those that identify with being a "chonga".
1) Chola/hooker look
2) cheap clothing/accessories
3) signature hairdo with bangs styled with a glue stick
4) Stupid/ignorant
I find this video to be funny but I know many others would see it as offensive but I think that these girls, as George Lopez does, in a way are not only making a parody of this 'chonga' identity but they are also attempting to reclaim this identity that they themselves have constructed so that the stigma of being labeled as a 'chonga' no longer exists. Chonga's fuse their cultures into this one identity that serves as an outlet of expression that is able to mark their uniqueness. Anyways, I really enjoy it and I hope you do to. This video got these girls on the show Cristina, which is like the equivalent of Oprah, pretty cool.

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