Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Image of "La Muy Muy"

While talking to my mom on video chat, this music video came out on her T.V. Even though I had heard this song before, I never really paid much attention to it because I was really annoyed by the song. Not because of it's lyrics but its catchy tune and the repetition of the "muy muy". I decided to watch the full video and actually pay attention to it and after that I found it quite interesting. In the song "la muy muy" (which I think would translate to "the snobby one") the singer Amandititita ( It literally means little little Amanda as the singer is really quite short) is singing about the stereotypical image that women are supposed to have: tall, blonde, colored eyes, make up, etc. Through her song not only is she rejecting this idea, but she also goes as far as to ridicule this idea. Singing "you think you're all that" Amanditita throughout this video depicts these women as snobby, disgusting, and goes as far as to say "you're even worse than Bush". Her role in the video becomes to seek revenge against this ideal image and prank all these women by doing mean things to them such as take out the breaks from her car as she is driving away. Yet throughout the song she is insulting these women, branding them as whores, bulimic (This idea is seen as the blonde woman goes into the restroom and vomits and Amandititita pushes her into the toilet, which we later find that she is actually pushed into a chocolate cake?).

Though I still don't know exactly what to think of the video, whether it really does seek to empower the women who are not accepted into this ideal image, I think it's rather important to note the person who is actually singing this song. The artist Amandititita is like her name, really really short. In reality she doesn't fit the "ideal" image discussed in class. She is not this attractive, seductive Latina. In fact, she is the complete opposite looking rather average and in the video none of her outfits are provocative. I'm interested in hearing other thoughts on this video. This song was popular in Mexico and I believe it I heard it maybe once in an L.A. radio station back home but every time I hear it, I just don't know what to think of it.


  1. Thank you for posting this, I love this song : )

    The way I see it, this song is a sort of attack against not necessarily a thin,tall, blond hair, blue eyed woman but more against a woman who fits those characteristics and at the same time who views herself as a superior individual. The lyrics alone don't imply anything about being tall, blond or thin (although the video strongly does) so I think its more about attacking a woman (or in any case, anyone) with supposedly more power because of status in society due to race,gender and class. The video is EXTREMELY problematic and I don't understand all the violence, but whatevs.

  2. I agree with the comment above. I like this song a lot too. I also think that itssome aspects of video that is kind of a bummer. It's always too bad when women, trying to empower themselves or call out racist, classist, eurocentric, etc patterns in our cultures, just attack other woman and repeat some violences and competition that are symptoms of sexism and misogyny. while i appreciate her message and see some kind of cool references and ideas shes trying to promote i also cant really get over the fact that amanditititia is pretty much stalking the white lady, torturing her, and then the weird reference to rape when she spreads the white womans legs and grabs the curling iron. uhhhhh not very radical.

    some redeeming things are her way of performing with her band. she seems like a good front person, full of confidence. she sort of references riot grrl with her school girl outfit and how she's performing, though that could be my projection on to her.

    anyways...thanks for the vide and the song and interesting post.