Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gloria Trevi-Mexican Feminist/Queer Icon

Everyone knows who Madonna is, but you don't really hear too much about "The Mexican Madonna." Gloria Trevi was Mexico's first female artist to challenge issues of homophobia, gender and class. Her panty-showing performances even resulted in her being banned by the Mexican government from television. The latino queer community has embraced her as "Queen of Gays" due to her excessive drag like behavior and presence. The music video Todos Me Miran "Everyone Stares at Me" tells 3 stories. The main focus of the video is "coming out." Her message is that although coming out is difficult, whether it be as a queer individual, and independent woman or simply someone who is different, bigotry and the closed-mindedness that is perpetuated in society will soon be lessened by tolerance and acceptance. Todos Me Miran is revered as Mexico's gay anthem.


  1. I had seen this video before and although I found to be interesting, I guess, I dismissed it as just another "weird thing" by Gloria Trevi. Gloria Trevi is such an interesting character; I must admit the I grew up listening to and singing along to classics like "voy a traer el pelo suelto" and "La papa sin catsup" when I was really young. There was always that "wild" factor to her persona, at least artistically. To be honest, I do not remember what exactly attracted be about her and although I watched her movies, I remember very little, next to nothing, what I do remember Gloria always as an independent and strong woman. Later with all the legal issues that surrounded her and prison and scandals she disappeared for a while, and she is now back empowering the Gay community.

  2. Gloria Trevi is awesome! As Belkis said, she's an independent and strong woman, and that's one of the reasons I admire her. She's not afraid to be different, in fact, she embraces it. She empowers not only the gay community but also women. Her interviews and her hits, like "Cinco Minutos" and "En Medio de la Tempestad" (at the top of my head), exemplify this.