Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dora Drama

Reading this article gave me mixed feelings. I was a fan of Nickelodeon for many years before Dora, Spongebob, and the Fairly Oddparents came onto the scene. I've always watched Nick-at-Nite more simply cause I loved old tv from the 1980's and 1990's. Reading this article brought forth two feelings -- surprise and not being surprised. Passing through channels and stopping at Dora, as a young girl exploring unknown lands with friends, I always thought to myself life should be as simple as that. Dora on Nickelodeon symbolized to me the joy in exploring and learning new things just as Nickelodeon wanted their image to encourage these feelings.

Reading this article about legal issues with Caitlin Sanchez, the voice of Dora for the past three years out of its total of ten years, reminded me that even this kids' show can fall into the pitfalls of possibly shaky and unclear contracts in which compensation for services can not be provided. Without sounding too naive, I did believe that Nickelodeon shouldn't have these kinds of problems because who would want to exploit kids? However, this brings me to my non-surprise simply because child stars have been known to have the similar experience of being "screwed over," by either television producers, directors, lawyers, and even their own parents. It is saddening to see that Dora, a Nickelodeon veteran, couldn't be kept out of news about dishonesty and losing integrity. Regardless of whatever decision is decided, Caitlin's attorney has threatened to further bring the story out to the media to embarrass Nickelodeon. Hmm.. I smell a settlement coming along..

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