Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buzz Lightyear's gone Spanish

Has anyone watched Toy Story 3? When Woody comes back to the day care to save the day, the toy's run into one big problem. Buzz has been programed under the control of the evil toys, so Woody and his pals try to reset Buzz back to normal. Little did they know, Rex put his finger in the reset button for too long and put Buzz in Spanish mode.


How racist was the fact that Buzz could change so much? Not only did he speak Spanish, but all of his mannerisms changed. He became "suave". He started dancing and doing flamboyant poses. Talk about being over the top? Right when he finds out that Woody is a friend not foe, he gives Woody a kiss on each cheek. Also the music they play in the background every time Buzz did a dance move was latinized. He also becomes romanticized, falling in love with his friend Jesse, the cow girl.

Just because he's Spanish they turn him into an overly dramatic character that turns every move into a dance. Of course they had to add some Latin flare.

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  1. I was actually discussing this with my mom the other day...I thought that it was very interesting that they did Buzz speaking in spanish and of course all of a sudden he becomes this ideal "Macho" that will fight for the love of Jesse. This just reminded me how the same image of "sexy latino" that women constantly use, is the same one being used here with buzz. Speaking spanish now makes him a very different person, with different mannerism, and yet at the same time this image is used for comic relief as the toys are trying to get out of Sunnyside, but very interesting.