Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Immigration Overload?


It is really hard for me to believe that people have such strong feelings against illegal immigrants. I thought that this was America? “Land of the free?” I wonder if this person understands how hard it is to become a legal immigrant. The chances of becoming legal, are not even that great, there are so many regulations to begin with. I come from an immigrant family, but honestly, who in America has not? When did they make legal become illegal? This guy must have really celebrated when Arizona passed their law. I was appalled by this message, because of his hatred for our nation to grow.

My parent’s immigrated from Korea. They came after they married because they wanted their children to have a better future. My mom was a nurse and my dad was an engineer, so they were well off to start. But aren’t most of our motives to move from country to country for the better of the future? It’s not like people are immigrating because they want to destroy other people’s countries. Everything comes at a cost, such as over population. We aren’t even that bad, shouldn’t we be caring more about how much in debt we are for handing out money we don’t have to other countries in need?

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