Monday, November 22, 2010

La Tusita!!

I grew up loving Pedro Infante films for some reason. Maybe it was because my dad bought the whole VHS collection of Pedro Infante's movies. I discovered them when I was about 11, and since then I have been a fan. Infante's movies are not only dramatic and touching, but they also have humor, which made them very likeable to me.
I had my favorites such as "Ustedes los Pobres", "Nosotros los ricos", "La oveja Negra", etc, etc. But there was one that I watched the most and it is called "Los Tres Huastecos". I liked it because of the character called La Tusita, the daughter of one of the main characters (played by Infante). Now that I rewatch that movie I notice more things that I did not notice when I was younger. For example, la Tusita is a girl, but she is NOT the typical girl portrayed in old Mexican films. La Tusita is actually a 5 year old tomboy who spits, says rude things, likes to sleep with a gun under her pillow, likes to play with snakes and spiders, and hates to play with dolls because she says that "son pa' las viejas" (they are for girls). That character really added a twist to the story because it was different, and of course the child actress did a great job.
Here are some clips of La Tusita. As you will see, she is very smart for her age, and she's also really tough. But her character is so lovable and cute!!
What is so funny about the first clip is that when she shoots her dad and she starts crying, her dad asks her "why are you crying? Is it because you got scared?" And she answers "No, because I didn't kill you!"

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