Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chi Chi Rodriguez, the Sword Dancer


If you haven’t heard of Chi Chi, I won’t be too offended. His real name is Juan Flores, nicknamed after the famous baseball player, Chi Chi Flores. But in the golf world, he continues to be known as Chi Chi Rodriguez. He is most famous for his “sword dance”. Chi Chi was born in Puerto Rico, he has had 8 victories on the PGA tour and 22 victories on the Champions Tour. He has had many accomplishments, such as member on the World Golf Hall of Fame, as well as a member of the World Humanitarian Sports Hall of Fame.

He not only was a great golfer but a great entertainer. It’s hard to say whether people watch him for his skill, or for his jokes and dances. I thought that this instance was funny, "Chi Chi, you didn't do your sword dance." I said, "Ma'am, that putt was for a double bogey." People must know, to make the monkey dance, you must first give him a banana.” I wonder if he get’s angry that people solely watch or regard him as the golfer who does the sword dance, or if that was his intention to start with? Golf's already boring to watch to start with, so maybe he was trying to "spice" things up.

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