Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sofia Vergara through the years


For some reason, I thought that Sofia Vergara was part of a show called "Lente Loco" I remembered watching her on T.V and I could have sworn that she was in that show. However, after I tried to look her up, I wasn't getting anything under that show, it was then that I discovered that the show that she was actually in was called "Fuera de Serie". I managed to find of video of Sofia Vergara as a reporter. In that show she was the side kick of the main reporter who now does "Republica Deportiva", Fernando Fiori. Although this clip mostly deals with El Salvador, you can kind of see Vergara's role in the show. Although she does do the interviews indeed and it is her voice that you hear when she's describing the country of El Salvador, she manages to prank her co star by feeding him extremely spicy food. While he actually does much of the interview.

It is also interesting to note her appearance. Although she is still wearing somewhat tight clothes, he hair is actually blonde. Even though she has an accent because she is indeed from Colombia, her voice is soft and smooth unlike the picture we see now in Modern Family. The fact that he hair was blonde actually reminded me of an early class discussion that we had during the semester when we talked about how Latinas have to dye their hair dark brown in order to live up to the "sexy Latina" image. Clearly there is a huge difference between the image that Sofia Vergara had then to the image that we see now in Modern Family.

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