Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Excessive Sex Appeal in Commercials

It’s a well-known fact that sex appeal is widely used in commercials to entice viewers. As a result of our discussions on the sexual nature of Latina women and the masculine/sex appeal of Latino men one would stereotype that hyper-sexuality would be a common trend in Latin@ commercials. However, as the majority of society is blatantly aware, stereotypes are often not true, which is what I assumed would be true of most Latin@ commercials until I saw the one below.


It is an advertisement for voting and seems to be encouraging women to vote in the upcoming elections in Spain. It’s basically saying that you (women) can orgasm, just like the woman in the commercial, if you vote. I completely understand the reasoning behind the sexuality aspect and how usually it can be enticing to buyers/customers. However, in the context of voting this just seemed completely unnecessary and playing into the stereotypes of sexual Latin@ women. The weird thing about this commercial was that although the stereotypes of excessively sexual Latina women was maintained, if the commercial was in English you wouldn’t have been able to tell that they were Latin. Essentially the mixing of stereotypes in this commercial was interesting to me. Thinking about this commercial I was reminded of another stereotype ridden commercial, in terms of sexuality, that I’ve seen. I’ll post it too because it’s the comparison of the male version of selling Latin@ sexuality (primarily in the last scene), catering to both male and female audiences, in a way that is actually successful (although it also appeals to hyper-masculine ideals).


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