Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reggaeton and the Sexualization of Women

I am doing my paper on reggaeton music and how it portrays women as sexual objects. I think this is true because women are almost always show semi-nude, dancing very provocatively, and are always dancing in front of a crowd of men, as if exhibiting their bodies for male pleasure. I find this to be very demoralizing, and offensive because I believe that as women we are very smart and capable of getting ahead, and attract positive attention, without falling into that circle of oppression. Yes, I know that Reggaeton is very danceable and fun, but maybe it is much more complex than just an appealing rhythm.
Following are the music videos that I analyzed in my paper. One of them is very popular because I remember that like four years ago the song Atrevete was everywhere. I have to admit that it is a pretty catchy song. The other song is called "El Bumper" by Julio Voltio. I had never heard this song until I started doing the research for this paper. I gotta say that I personally do not like the song, and not just because of its lyrics, but I just don't find it appealing. But I am glad I found it because it gave me some good ideas to write in my paper.

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