Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This blog entry is a response to a very old topic from Chicana Art. It has to do with fashion and making do with what you have. The essay speaks to the use of fashion/self-expression to "survive the adverse conditions of the urban environment... Fashion is the metaphor for the temporal nature of what it is to be 'normal'"(p81). Around the same time we read this essay I stumbled across this photo on a fashion blog and thought it was a cool snapshot of the congruity of fashion across class and culture. The grey stilettos are hot, but it is really the guy in the blue bandana who steals the shot.

Also, uniforms are meant to signify conformity, but the royal blue bandana wrapped around this guys head shows off his own unique style. I saw this as a form of breaking away from what may be considered 'normal' on his job, as you see the guy he's next to has on a white cap, which appears more conventional (not exactly extreme countercultural production, but he definitely stands out as an individual).

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